ZXE1 Series AC/DC Dual-Purpose Welding Machine

This series welding machine is AC and DC dual-purpose manual arc welding machine, can weld all kinds of welding rod, general ferrous metal, low-alloy steel and stainless steel. It is widely used in motors, shipping, metallurgy, chemical industry and construction. It has such properties as soft function, smooth arc, quiet melting pool, small spatter, beautiful welding seam, low sound, etc. zxe1.JPG (11330 bytes)

Model Power Voltage V Power Phase Currency Regulation Range DC(A) Continuous Loading Rate (%) Specified Capacity Welding Thickness Welding Range
ZXE1-315 380 1 40-315 60 23.4 1.6-20 Low-carbon steel and low-carbon alloy steel
ZXE1-400 380 1 100-420 60 31.5 2-30
ZXE1-500 380 1 100-500 60 42 2-35