SBX3 Series Three-Phase AC Arc Welding Machine

This series welding machine is moving-coil AC arc welding machine with three-phase AC power. It is used manually by one person. It can weld parts of low carbon steel and low alloy steel with acid-coated welding rods. It has such properties as nice current regulation, stable arc, excellent welding seam and easy operation. It is used in the area where single-phase electricity is limited. sbx3.jpg (10267 bytes)

Model Power Voltage Power Phase Currency Regulation Range Continuous Loading Rate Specified Capacity Welding Material Quality
SBX3-200 380 3 40-230 20 14.5 Low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel 95
SBX3-300 380 3 75-300 35 22.5 190
SBX3-400 380 3 80-400 35 29.8 223
SBX3-630 380 3 200-630 35 56.2 310